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Wine by the Bar: an iPhone App

May 18th, 2011 2 comments
Wine by the Bar logo

In a rush to get the info for a few new bottles you’re looking at?  Having dinner in a place where it is improper to spend time entering wine information on your phone?  Have no fear; Wine by the Bar is here!  Wine by the Bar, a nifty app for the iPhone, makes use of your phone’s camera to scan barcodes directly from wine bottles in an instant.  (This means no more navigating through lengthy lists!) Once scanned, Wine by the Bar puts you in touch with your favorite wine writers, wine stores, and wineries.  You can read numerous wine reviews, and even share your own musings with an ever-growing wine community of users.  By signing up on the website Wine by the you can even elect to share your wine blogs and RSS feeds with thousands of users for free (This is a good marketing strategy to help your wine tasting talents be “discovered”)! Complementing Wine by the Bar is the app Beer by the Bar.  True to the spirit of its predecessor, this app works the same way but simply provides information for beer.  In addition to the iPhone, Wine by the Bar is a free application that also runs on the iPad and iPod Touch.

A Wine App Welcome in Your Kitchen

May 6th, 2011 1 comment
Nat Decants app

Nat Decants App Icon, courtesy of Itunes

Nat Decants, an iPhone app, is designed to make your mouth water!  This free app–yes, I do mean free–is a conglomeration of ten wine programs interfaced into one easy-to-use application.  Therefore, it is extremely convenient, not to mention affordable!

Not only does Nat Decants provide thousands of wine reviews, articles, and winery listings, its really tantalizing features are its ability to suggest splendid wine and food pairings (a current count of 380,000 that were actually tested!) as well as recipes.  There are literally thousands of scrumptious dishes to peruse to accompany any wine you select.  There’s no reason to not have “the perfect meal” with any wine of your choosing!

Developed over an eight-year period of time by professional sommelier Natalie MacLean, who has won awards such as “World’s Best Wine Writer” at the World Food Media Awards, Nat Decants showcases Natalie’s personal wine and food pairings, reviews and additional information, instead of falling back on computer-selected data and multi-user database material like some other wine applications.

Nat Decants App Screenshot

Nat Decants Screenshot courtesy of Itunes

Though the app is free, it is certainly not one to sneeze at; Nat Decants made the “top five” list of food and wine apps in Computerworld Magazine, Globe and Mail, and even the New York Times!  It is also the only wine app chosen by Apple for App Store Essentials in both “Food & Wine” and “Date Night” categories.

Nat Decants version 1.3.1. is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Droid, Nexus, Palm Pre, and some additional smartphones.  It requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.

Nat Decants Screenshot courtesy of Itunes

Wine Cellar Pro by Velvet Vine, a Wine App

Featured on Apple’s own website ( in May of 2010, Wine Cellar Pro by Velvet Vine, created by Tap Leap Software, LLC, quickly became one of the top five recommended iPhone applications.  Allowing users to manage wine inventories, track purchases, and take personal tasting notes, Velvet Vine also allows users to share their wine journals, tasting notes, and reviews with other members.

Velvet Vine’s features include an online web management system, a sync feature to keep you up-to-date with wine information, a wishlist where you can enter wines you may want to purchase at a later date, an inventory that includes purchases, quantities, and favorite merchants, a search option to quickly peruse the stock in your own cellar, local announcements of tasting events, a vast reference section, and more!  You can even customize your own tasting events.

Screen Shots

When you download Wine Cellar Pro by Velvet Vine, you will be embraced by a far-reaching virtual wine community, and can befriend and follow members who have similar tastes and and interests.  This personal, interactive touch puts connects you to a knowledgeable wine community in which members delight in sharing years of wisdom and wine experience.

For $3.99, you can download version 2.6.1 for you iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.  (The app requires iOS 3.0 or later.)  It was last updated in March of 2011.

Want to check out more iPhone wine apps? We recently reviewed Wine Doctor and iWine, among others, and we’ve previously reviewed several Android wine apps, if you Android folks are feeling left out!

The Wine Doctor Is In!

March 23rd, 2011 3 comments

Wine Ph.D.

With access to information about thousands of wines, all filterable to match criteria including price, varietal, region, and food pairing, Wine Ph.D. by Perk Software allows users to do all of this, plus more.  This informative, elegant program lets you view wine ratings from professional wine publications, rate wines yourself, photograph and catalogue your wines, add personal tasting notes, etc. Wine Ph.D. even gives users access to up-to-date health articles that discuss the benefits of wine, wine trends, popular winemakers, recommended values, and expert tips.  In addition, the application lets you look up wine words and terminology with which you may be unfamiliar. The latest release, version 1.2, even provides current wine lists for select restaurants, allowing users to plan meals around a given wine in advance, or vice versa!  (Perhaps your favorite place to dine is listed?)  At an inexpensive $4.99, this app is ready to find a home on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad (with iOS 3.0 or later.)  Wine Ph.D. is built by Perk Software

Wine Ph.D. Screenshot

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iWine for Your Wine: A Great iPhone App

March 10th, 2011 2 comments

The ability to consult your own palm-sized wine journal, at any time, is now available for a flat $2.99.  That’s right!  Brought to you by Ageasoft, LLC, iWine is an iPhone app that makes a wealth of wine knowledge accessible at your fingertips.  Packed with extensive wine info, wine experts will be delighted by this handy wine encyclopedia-cum-oenophile.  And if you’re just embarking on your wine tasting journey, there’s a library of wine varietals, varietal types, and regions built right in.  Like having a personal sommelier with a photographic memory, the iWine app allows you to keep track of your wine collection by supplying images of your wines as well; now, you can recall not only the names of your favorite wines, but also the appearance of their bottles–pretty cool if you have an extensive collection of wine to navigate through!  And unlike other apps where wine ratings are automatically given, iWine allows you to personally rate the wine you taste using either a 5 diamond or 100 point rating system.  Nifty!  Compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, this app is definitely going to make an nice addition to my iPhone!

iWine Screen Shot

iWine is available on iTunes AppStore. We’ve already featured lots of wine apps for iPhone and Android–but if you know of a good one we haven’t featured, let us know in the comments!

3 More Wine Apps for iPhone

November 26th, 2010 2 comments

Since we got such a great response to our original 3 iPhone Apps for Wine Lovers post, we thought we’d give you iPhone-wielding wine lovers three new reasons to shop for apps.  Here’s what’s new and cool: Wine Info: If you’re feature-happy, this is the app for you.  It allows you to scan the barcode available on most bottles, then searches its wine database–which is nearly a million strong, by the way–to track down the bottle you’re considering.  You can read reviews, make notes, and even compare similar bottles side-by-side. has got choosing a bottle of wine down to a science.  Price: $3.99

Fromage: Fromage is to vinophiles like, well, cheese is to wine.  Cheese is probably the world’s most popular snack to accompany your favorite beverage, but pairing wines and cheeses is notoriously difficult.  Enter Fromage.  This simple app has a database of over 650 cheeses, and for each, it gives a flavor profile and offers wine pairing suggestions.  Your cheese platter choices just got easy.  Price: $2.99

Wine Wherever: This is the perfect app for the traveling wine lover.  With a tap of your iPhone screen, you can get a complete listing of all the wineries in your area.  So next time you’re in Oregon, California, New York, or even Texas, check out Wine Wherever and imbibe of the best local beverages.  Price: $2.99 per regional map.

Know of a great wine app (for any platform–see our previous posts for Android and Blackberry) that we haven’t covered yet? Tell us about it in the comments!

Manage Your Wine Cellar From Your iPad!

November 3rd, 2010 No comments
eSommelier wine cellar management system

The eSommelier touchscreen computer and barcode scanner & printer

We’ve talked before about eSommelier wine management systems, a fabulous barcode-based computerized organization system for wine cellars, but they have recently announced some upgrades that really kick up the value of this product. One of those new features is the iPad access.

eSommelier has optimized their web access for the iPad, so you can access your wine library on the go. If you save the “web app” as a favorite on your home screen, you have one-touch access to your wine library any time.

Now, I don’t see any particular reason why this experience should be limited to the iPad–it’s a web app, which means that it’s actually not an app at all. Apps, in the usual sense, are downloaded software and can be dependent on the particular hardware or software features of an iPad. “Web apps” are more like a saved bookmark in your web browser (like the bookmark you have for the VC blog. You DO have us bookmarked, right?) and are mostly dependent on the web browser (in the case of the iPad, it runs in Safari). So this should work the same-but-smaller on an iPhone, although I haven’t been able to test it myself. Remember, web access also works on any computer!

If you’re wondering when you’d ever use this go-anywhere access, consider the wine lover with over 1000 bottles in his or her cellar. When this wine lover goes shopping for more wine (because he was smart enough to build his cellar bigger than his collection!), he can now take his virtual wine catalog along with him on his iPad. If shopping from the web, he can call up the wine library in another browser window and compare his collection to his potential purchases, saving him a trip to the wine cellar. Less hassle, fewer cellar door openings to let out your perfectly chilled air, and none of the discomfort that would come from doing your wine shopping from a laptop while sitting in your 55 degree cellar. Chilly!

If you’re interested in other wine-related uses for your smartphone or tablet device, check out our technology and wine tag or the several posts on wine apps.

3 More Wine Apps for Android

October 15th, 2010 4 comments

Since our post on 3 Android Apps for Wine Lovers is so popular, and more apps are coming out for Android all the time, we figured we’d showcase a few more!

Wine Dictionary: Even expert collectors occasionally run across a wine descriptor they’ve never seen before.  This wine glossary app isn’t fancy, but it does the job: whether you’re in the store or at home, in mere seconds you can find out what a “Tarrango” is.  (In case you can’t wait for the app to download, it’s a acidic wine low in tannins made by crossing Touriga Nacional and Sultana vines). Bonus tip: Check out our wine storage glossary!

Corkbin: Initially available for iPhone only, this is a clean and simple app for taking notes on wines you like and sharing them with your friends.  Corkbin has a space for your tasting notes and lets you couple the notes with a picture, so you can recognize the label next time you’re at the wine store.  It also allows you to upload your findings to Facebook or Twitter: perfect for winos who love to share the fun.

Hello Vino: Like Corkbin, this app has recently expanded to the Android market.  It’s simply one of the best wine pairing apps out there.  One great thing about Hello Vino’s pairing service is that it lets you search both ways: whether you have a meal in mind that needs a wine, or a wine ready to go that needs the perfect meal, this app can give you great suggestions.  It can also help you out when you’re at the wine store, by searching for ratings and reviews to help you make your decision, or suggest great wines for occasions, gifts, and holidays.

Do you use any of these apps, or another we forgot to mention?  Let us know what wine apps you love for Android!

More wine apps for iPhone will be coming soon, too!

eSommelier Wine Collection Management System

September 29th, 2010 No comments

If you have a growing wine collection, there’s one thing you can’t do without: a system for keeping track of your bottles.  Ok, you need a proper storage space and a climate-controlled environment too, but once you have those things, organization really is essential.  If you don’t know what’s in your cellar, your collection can quickly turn into chaos.

Keeping track of the bottles you buy and drink is the only way you can ensure that your collection grows the way you want it to.  But if you’re like me, your average organizational techniques consist of scribbled post-it notes and lists that you are continually losing.  Your wine collection deserves better.

Disorganized wine enthusiasts, meet eSommelier, “The World’s Finest Wine Cellar Management System”.  It uses a touch screen system to track the bottles you have in your cellar, giving you an easy, elegant way to keep in touch with your wine.

Here are a few of its coolest features:

  • It shows you the price you paid for the wine and compares that to its current value.
  • It uses a simple color-coded system to show you how close any given wine is to optimal drinking age.
  • It includes a bar code printed that makes a unique label for each wine you bring into the cellar, giving each bottle a unique address and identity that lets you know where it is at any time.
  • You can access your eSommelier database from your kitchen or even from the wine store, letting you know at the touch of a button which bottles you already have, and which will be the perfect additions to your collection.

It’s definitely pricey, but there’s no comparing this system to a pen-and-paper log or excel spreadsheet. eSommelier is truly the ultimate wine management system.

3 Android Apps for Wine Lovers

June 3rd, 2010 2 comments

This week, we’ve been highlighting must-have smartphone apps for wine lovers.  We’ve talked about apps for the iPhone and Blackberry, so this time, let’s turn our attention to a few great wine-friendly apps for the Android.

Wine by the Bar: This app’s motto is “Sip, Scan, Share,” and it allows you to do just that with your favorite wines.  Android’s scanning feature is especially helpful when it comes to wine, allowing you to look up a bottle, no matter your location, with the click of a button.  You can add and review wines, and through Twitter, share them with your fellow wine lovers.  Check it out here.

Pair It!: This great app for iPhone is now available for Android!  As we’ve discussed many times on this blog, creating the perfect food and wine pairing is no easy task.  You can enter either the food you’re making or the wine you plan to drink into the app, and it will give you some ideas for perfect combinations.  Or, you can “swirl” your Android to see a random pairing.  Pair It! really takes care to consider all of a wine’s subtle details when making its suggestions, so we trust its opinion.  Get it at here.

Swirl:  This is the mobile counterpart to the website, a place to read about, review, and buy great wines.  It contains a catalog of over 100,000 wines, allows you to search by varietal, price, and other factors, and directs you to local stores that sell the wine you want.  Learn more here.