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High-Tech Wine Cellar Management

October 23rd, 2012 No comments

You’re hosting a dinner party. You’ve wined and dined your guests–important clients of yours–through the appetizer course, and things are going without a hitch. You head down to your wine cellar to grab the bottle of very special Cabernet you’ve been saving for an occasion just like this one. But the bottle isn’t there. You scan your shelves, growing increasingly panicked. Will the dinner party be ruined?

If you’re a serious wine collector, your collection represents a substantial financial investment. So why skimp on the care and organization of your collection? Modern wine-cellar management systems offer collectors a way to keep effortless track of every wine bottle in their collections. A high-tech management system will ensure that you don’t even lose track of a bottle. Even more importantly, they keep you constantly in tune with the conditions of your cellar, alerting you instantly if the temperature or humidity isn’t what it’s supposed to be, and protecting your investment.

One popular wine cellar management system is the Sensaphone wine cellar monitoring system. The Sensaphone acts like a personal security guard for your wine collection. It monitors all the conditions in and around your wine cellar: it connects to your smoke alarm to sense potential fires, as well as monitoring the precise conditions within your wine cellar, including the exact temperature and humidity, and even checking the floor for water to sense floods. The moment the Sensaphone detects a problem, it calls your personal telephone and leaves a custom voice message. In the event the Sensaphone doesn’t reach you, it places phone calls with multiple designated people until it reaches someone who can fix the problem. Sensaphone is especially great for people who travel often. With just the touch of a button, you can dial into your Sensaphone remotely to check on your collection.

Another great monitoring option is the eSommelier wine cellar management system. Think of eSommelier like a personal valet for your collation. Its interface is a touchscreen that you keep in your wine cellar. eSommelier comes with a bar code scanner and printer, allowing you to scan in bottles when you purchase them, and scan them out when you’re ready to drink them. In between times, you can use the touchscreen to effortlessly scroll through all the bottles in your collection, letting you instantly know what you have without having to hunt through your cellar. eSommelier can be added to with upgrades such as a temperature and humidity sensor, and software that allows you to handle multiple wine collections. With its intuitive touchscreen system, eSommelier is the most elegant option out there for keeping track of your inventory.

You’d never leave the selection of wine to be served at your dinner party up to chance. So why would you leave the organization and safety of your collection up to fate? Wine cellar management systems let you always stay in sync with your collection, making sure that perfect bottle is always there when you need it.



Sensaphone Wine Cellar Monitoring System

February 7th, 2011 No comments

wine cellar monitoringIf you’re a wine collector, you know that maintaining a constant humidity and temperature in your cellar is essential.  Your cellar is fitted with high-tech temperature and humidity controls that keep your bottles in the environment they need.  And those bottles represent a significant investment

But what happens if your power goes out?  The conditions in your cellar could shift dramatically, endangering your valuable collection.

The solution to this problem is an electronic wine cellar monitoring system, and Sensaphone offers a particularly elegant product.  The Sensaphone Wine Cellar Monitoring System keeps an eye on your wine cellar so you don’t have to.  If your power goes out or a break-in occurs, Sensaphone will track you down and let you know, calling multiple phone numbers until it reaches you.  Sensaphone can warn you if your smoke alarm goes off, if there’s a fire, if there’s flooding, or if your temperature or humidity are off-target.  You can even call your Sensaphone to make sure that all is well in your cellar, making it a great choice for someone who travels a lot or has multiple homes.

Your wine cellar represents a large investment, and making sure that investment is protected will give you peace of mind.