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Wine Dispensing Best Practices

March 12th, 2013 No comments

WineKeeper’s Magnum 8 Bottle

You found that perfect wine while tasting at a sun-soaked vineyard years ago. You carefully carried a bottle home and placed it in your wine cellar. You monitored the temperature and humidity. You researched and thought about when the right time to open it. Finally, tonight’s the night: it’s time to uncork that bottle and at long last, enjoy the wine inside. But here’s the rub: you don’t want to down the whole precious bottle in one night. How do you enjoy the wine over a few days without losing that taste you’ve worked so hard to build?

Anyone who’s left a bottle out on the counter or in the refrigerator knows that the wine just doesn’t taste quite as good the next night. Can you save your wine without losing taste? The answer is yes: Your just need a wine dispenser.

Wine dispensers are devices designed to preserve wines. They store wines at appropriately cool temperatures, and keep oxygen from coming in contact with the liquid inside the bottle. You’ve probably seen wine dispensers used at restaurants and bars. But wine dispensers are available for home use, too.

One wine dispensing system we recommend is the WineKeeper. WineKeepers work by replacing the oxygen in the open bottle with nitrogen, a gas that doesn’t react with wine. Meanwhile, they hold bottles in a refrigerator specifically calibrated to the right temperature to preserve the wine. To use the system, you uncork the wine, insert the dispenser’s stopper faucet, and plug in the gas. You’re ready to pour a perfect glass.

WineKeeper offers a wide variety of dispensers. If you’re a restaurant or bar owner, you might be interested in something like their 8-bottle model, available in all kind of finishes from oak to stainless steel, and customizable with features like chrome faucets and a door lock. This model has different temperature zones for white and red wines, making it simple to keep each at its correct temperature.

If you’re a home enthusiast, you might be more interested in WineKeeper’s 4-bottle model, called the Napa. Though smaller, this model uses the same nitrogen preservation technology and advanced refrigeration system, and has two separate compartments for wine and red wines.

Whether you need a commercial or personal model, WineKeepers will keep opened bottles of wine fresh for weeks, so that you never waste that second half of the bottle again.

Wine-Saving Solution: The Napa 4-Bottle WineKeeper

January 13th, 2011 No comments

wine preservationIf you’re a wine aficionado, you’ll be drooling over this 4-bottle wine saving system by WineKeeper. WineKeeper makes devices that preserve and dispense open bottles of wine. If you’ve ever wanted to open a special bottle of wine, but haven’t felt up to finishing the whole thing at once, you’ve faced the dilemma of many wine collectors. You don’t want to leave a bottle open to lose some of the precious flavors you’ve been looking forward to, yet you don’t always want to down an entire bottle in one night.

If you’ve ever wanted to savor a bottle over a couple of nights, you might think about investing in a wine preservation system. This Napa 4-bottle WineKeeper is a great option for the home wine collector.

Here’s how it works: piping connected to each wine bottle dispenses nitrogen, replacing the oxygen in the tops of the bottles with this non-reactive gas.  While oxygen will interact with the chemicals in the wine, changing the way the flavors taste and pushing the wine towards rancid, nitrogen doesn’t.  Your wine is preserved in perfect condition, allowing you to drink it at your leisure.  When you’re ready to enjoy your wine, the WineKeeper smoothly dispenses it into your glass.

In addition, the WineKeeper keeps your wines at the correct temperature, and this model even comes with dual temperature zones, so you can store both whites and reds perfectly at once.  Perfectly kept wine, always at hand?  Sign me up!