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Wine Rack Options for Small Spaces

June 22nd, 2011 No comments

Howard Miller Butler Console Portable Wine Station

While having your own wine cellar is ideal for storing and managing large wine collections, there may be times when it’s preferable to have select bottles close at hand.  Say, for instance, you use a lot of wine in the kitchen and want some of your wine stored in an easy-to-access location.  Or, perhaps you want to have some nice bottles on display for when guests arrive.  Perhaps you’d simply like a small selection of wine at your disposal when coming home from a long day at work.  For situations like these, perusing a vast wine cellar can often lead to indecision that can even delay the serving of a meal.  This is where smaller wine racks suitable for use in the kitchen, or in entertaining areas, come in handy.

Whenever you store wine, it is important that it be kept on its side; the cork, kept moist by contact with the wine, keeps the wine fresh.  Small, portable wine racks are designed to do just this, like their larger cellar cousins.  There’s no excuse for keeping a selection of wine by your coffee table, bottles standing upright!  Portable wine racks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.  Many popular racks, made from wood or metal, range from small, space-saving modern displays that can fit on kitchen counters or end tables, to racks suitable for use in between (or even inside) kitchen cupboards.  Most wooden racks can even be purchased or stained to match your cabinets, or a given room’s furniture, and many metal racks come in sleek black or chrome to match today’s modern kitchens.

If you’d a prefer a small-yet-ornate cabinet solution for your entertaining area, an elegant Howard Miller Console is worth consideration.  Many consoles double as tables/pouring stations, too, creating a defined “wine” space in any room.  The very portable, compact Howard Miller Butler, for example, has a top that is removable, doubling as a serving tray.  Up to thirteen wine bottles can be stored neatly inside, and the interior also has room for additional spirits, plus wine glass storage.  The unit is also on wheels, making relocation a snap!  If this is too fancy, perhaps a charming and affordable Rustic Pine scallop wine rack, a wine collector’s classic, will be more to your liking? This unfinished rack can be used as-is, providing a “rustic” look, or it can be stained to match your furnishings.  The rack is durable and holds 18 bottles very neatly.  If your “display” wine collection should grow, there’s even the ability to expand; these wine racks are designed to be stacked, so adding a second or third rack is simple.  Many people give these small racks as gifts (along with a few bottles of wine!)

For a taller racking option, the VintageView Freestanding Displays assemble in minutes and offer visibility and modern presentation.  Unlike other racks, your guests can easily see the labels on each bottle of wine, making this rack ideal for wine tasting parties (and for showing off your best vintages!)  Because it’s freestanding, it’s also a good rack to have in the kitchen to minimize unused space, like between your fridge and a countertop.  VintageView also manufactures wall mounted metal wine racks.  Made from cold rolled steel and available in black or nickel finishes, these racks hold between 9 and 18 bottles per section, depending on design.  Because they are mounted, affixing them to the sides of cupboards, walls, closet interiors, or near  entryways are all options.  These racks keep your bottles safely within reach, while being conversation pieces, too.

Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Browse our wine racks or call 1-800-876-8789 to speak to a knowledgeable wine storage expert who can help you make the right selection.

Vintage View 18 Bottle Wall Mount Wine Rack

Why Wait on a Wine Cellar?

June 1st, 2011 No comments

vintageview wine racks

With so many quality wine racking options, the ability to build your own wine cellar using custom racking kits has never been easier.  From unfinished, Rustic Pine Wine Racks and Traditional Redwood Wine Racks, to stylish and contemporary VintageView Wine Racks that allow you to see your bottles’ labels clearly when stored, you’re bound to find a wine racking kit perfect for your cellar’s shape and personality.  Even if you only construct one part of your cellar at a time, adding to it in bits and pieces in subsequent months, you can easily order additional kits of your selected design, enabling you to upgrade your cellar without fear of incompatibility.  With the surplus of affordable, quality, easy-to-assemble wine racks and wine rack kits available, it’s easy to begin constructing your own wine cellar, today!  In addition to its visual allure, a good wine cellar will help preserve your precious bottles, keeping them out of harm’s way (sunlight, accidental knock-overs, dry air, etc.)  If you’ve invested a bit in your wine collection, investing just a little more in proper protection and preservation is a smart idea that will look good, too!

pine wine racks
Have you built your own cellar using any of these products?  Have any of our posts inspired you to do so?  If the answer is “yes”, we’d love to hear from you and, possibly, showcase your project on our site!  (Simply send us an e-mail or drop a comment here.)  Happy racking!

redwood wine racks

Want to learn more about building your own wine cellar? Check out the how-to-build article or contact us for more assistance.

Designer Wine Racks

January 18th, 2011 No comments

wine racking

If you’re looking to add some wine racks to your wine storage area, you might find yourself confused.  What with all the different styles, sizes, materials, and colors available, picking just the right racks for your home and your collection can be difficult.

To fit your style and your space, you might be tempted to go for custom wine racks.  And while you might find that custom wine racks are the ideal option, you might also find that what’s not ideal about them is the price tag.  If you’d like the custom look without the custom price, check out Designer Wine Racks.

Designer wine racks are pre-made, but the individual racks can be fitted together any way you like for that unique, custom look.  Designer wine racks come in a huge variety of styles: they have everything from display shelves to waterfall racks, as well as my personal favorite, diamond racks.

Each Designer wine rack unit is available in poplar, red oak, and premium redwood, all long-lasting and hardy materials.  And each type of wood can be treated with a variety of finishes to ensure that your storage units match your decor. The Vintage Cellars build team can design a custom wine storage solution based around wine rack kits like Designer series racks, too. Check out our custom wine cellars page for more information and inspiration.

Designer wine racks are a beautiful, elegant choice for the wine enthusiast looking for a smart storage solution.  If you’re considering building a wine storage area, they are a great choice.  But remember one important fact: most wine lovers find that once they have a storage area, their wine collections grow larger than they anticipated.  Plan for more than you think you need!

Featured in Wine Spectator: The Gilliland Wine Cellar

November 17th, 2010 1 comment

Three Vintage Cellars custom wine cellar projects were recently featured in Wine Spectator magazine. You can click that link to see the original article; in this post we are focusing on the details of one of the cellars. Click the photos for larger versions.

The Gilliland wine cellar in San Diego, built in 2009, was designed to be the focal point of the dining room. This is a small wine cellar, holding only 750 bottles or so, but it has a lot of personality. To create the space for the wine cellar, a bump-out was added to the wall. You can see the framing for this addition below:

Gilliland wine cellar framing

The framing for the bump-out to to create space for the Gilliland wine cellar.

This framing allowed for about 80 square feet of wine cellar space. After constructing the addition, the entire area was sealed, vapor-barriered and insulated to maintain temperature and prevent moisture build-up (you can read more about building a wine cellar on the main site).

The Gilliland cellar was outfitted with wine racks and display shelving, including a display area on the left side that isn’t shown in Wine Spectator:
Wine racks in the Gilliland wine cellar

There is also adjustable shelving for large-format bottles in the center of the room (you can also see a Rogar Estate bottle opener in the foreground; there is a 10% off coupon for these openers available on the Vintage Cellars Facebook, Twitter and email newsletter right now!):
Gilliland adjustable wine racks for large format bottles

The cellar is outfitted with insulated glass doors framed by a stone facade and opens into the dining room.

doors to the Gilliland wine cellar.

Small wine cellars can pack a surprising amount of wine and interesting features into a minimal space. This cellar, designed to enhance the owner’s enjoyment of their collection rather than to store investment wines, is a perfect example of how a small wine cellar can be a big enhancement to a home.

Ready to think about your own custom wine cellar project? Check out more Vintage Cellars custom wine cellars and call us for a free quote and design assistance.

Vintage Cellars Featured in Wine Spectator!

November 12th, 2010 No comments

inside a custom Vintage Cellars wine cellarVintage Cellars was delighted to be featured in Wine Spectator’s November 30th issue (on sale now). The article featured Vintage Cellars wine cellar projects in Escondido and San Diego, one of which is pictured above in high resolution. More from the article (click for larger images):

The Gilliland\'s 750-bottle wine cellar in San Diego, completed in \'09, features large-format storage.

The Gilliland’s 750-bottle wine cellar in San Diego, completed in ’09, features large-format storage.

More about the Gilliland wine cellar, including additional images.

Michael Thiemann\'s 4000-bottle San Diego wine cellar is the oldest featured--it was completed in \'03 and houses some lovely antique furniture in addition to wine.

Michael Thiemann’s 4000-bottle San Diego wine cellar is the oldest featured–it was completed in ’03 and houses some lovely antique furniture in addition to wine.


The Gerardy\'s Escondido wine cellar holds 4000 bottles and has a gorgeous slate floor.

The Gerardy’s Escondido wine cellar holds 4000 bottles and has a gorgeous slate floor.


Wine Spectator Cover

Look for this cover to pick up the issue!

You can pick up a copy at your favorite newsstand or wine shop to read more about these and other featured wine cellars. The article was split into sections on small, medium and large wine cellars, so it is worth a read for collectors of any scale.
For more photos of custom wine cellars, flip through the slideshows on our custom wine cellar design page. Thinking of building your own? We offer free design consultations and can work with you from sketches to finishing touches.

Sustainable Wine Storage

July 9th, 2010 No comments

Aerial view of a forested town

This town and the surrounding forest have benefitted from sustainable practices. (from wikipedia)

As we’ve previously discussed here on the blog, green is in! More than ever, people are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to the products they use in their daily lives. Using sustainable wood products is an important part of this effort. The forests of our planet are our oxygen factories, and we can’t live without them. Dwindling forests make for poor air quality, leave land open to being washed away by rainfall, and reduce the habitats of animals and humans.

Not using wood is an option, and if you want to go that route with your wine racks we have great metal wine racks available, including sideways racks that will display your wine labels. But many people strongly prefer the traditional look of wood, and for some applications there’s no good substitute. So what is the environmentally conscious person to do?

SFI Initiative

Sustainable Forestry Initiative

In recent years, several non-profit agencies have formed to certify the sustainability of wood suppliers. Their goal is to ensure that forests will continue to supply our needs for wood products, oxygen, animal habitats, etc for the present and future. Various agencies have different standards for certification, but they all share the goal of keeping our natural resources sustainably available. You can make a statement to forestry companies and make a commitment to the environment by purchasing wood products that come from sustainable-certified forests.
Here at Vintage Cellars, most of our wood wine racks are made from materials that are certified by either SFI or FSC, two major agencies that certify forests as sustainable. Click here for a comparison of these two agencies (PDF). Most of our Vintner wine racks, Designer wine racks and Redwood wine racks as well as our commercial wine racks are made from wood that is certified by one of these agencies.
More information on sustainable forestry is available on SFI’s site or you can get the Wikipedia overview here.

3 More Great Wine Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers

December 1st, 2009 No comments

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that special wine enthusiast?  Look no further: Vintage Cellars has tons of great wine gift ideas.  Make sure you check out last week’s wine gifts post, and stay in touch for the next installment!

Creative Wine Rack

Delia wine rackDelia Wine Storage makes unique, artistic wine racks with metal and glass.  These racks add a conversation-starting touch to any wine collection.  Many are small, and so are ideal for wine lovers in tight spaces.  If you know someone whose apartment won’t fit a wine refrigerator, or a wine collector just starting out, a Delia rack might be an ideal choice.  But these beautiful wine storage sculptures aren’t limited to those in small spaces.  They can also be used to spruce up a kitchen or add an interesting element to an existing wine cellar.

Delia makes a wide variety of wine racks, from wine trees to wine tables to wall mounts.  Their elegant, modern designs add a unique touch to any wine collection.  These artistic storage options are a great wine gift idea for anyone who appreciates functional art.  Make sure to check out full line of Delia wine racks.

KleanKanteen Wine Karafe


Picture this: you’ve hiked to the top of a forested mountain with your loved one.  You spread a blanket and relax to watch the sun set over the gorgeous panorama you’ve worked so hard to see.  You reach into your backpack and pull out your water bottle.

Something’s missing, right?  Life’s great moments deserve to be celebrated with a toast.  But those special moments don’t always happen near a kitchen.  What’s a hiking, camping, or picnicking wine lover to do?  Meet the KleanKanteen.  No more pretending your sports drink is Chardonnay or worrying about your wine bottle shattering in your backpack.  The KleanKanteen is a high-grade, virtually unbreakable container specifically designed to hold a standard 750 mL bottle of wine.  This food-grade stainless steel is free from all toxins. Best of all, it doesn’t retain or impart flavors like a traditional plastic beverage container, so it can carry a Pinot Grigio or a Zinfandel with equal ease.  The KleedKanteen Karafe can even be purchased with an insulating tote to keep wines at the correct temperature, even after a long walk on a hot tropical beach.

For any wine enthusiast who would love to take her passion outdoors, the KleanKanteen Wine Karafe is the perfect gift.

Know a wine purist who rejects “fancy” openers, preferring the subtle artistry and show of skill that comes with opening a bottle with a traditional Sommelier Knife? This professional wine tool and leather case by maker of fine leather Mulholland might be the perfect gift. This ages-old corkscrew design includes a knife, pull, and corkscrew, perfect for opening that bottle that’s been aging for 50 years the way it was meant to be opened. This Sommelier Knife comes encased in a pouch made of Mulholland’s fine leather.
Corkscrew and leather caseMulholland makes most of its luxury leather goods in two colors. The first is the “Lariat™,” known for its honeyed surface known for its uniqueness: each product acquires marks and scratches from use that become part of the beauty of the material. The second is the “Latigo™,” a darker stout color cured with vegetable extracts and polished with a high-speed glass cylinder. For the Sommelier Corkscrew and Case, Mulholland makes a third color: a rich, medium “Bridle Tan.”
For the wine collector who would love a high-quality tool that will last for generations, the Mulholland All-Leather Sommelier Corkscrew and Leather Case is a great gift.

The Almost-Custom Wine Cellar

November 13th, 2009 No comments

Vintner Series 3 ft. Open Diamond Bin Wine RackThe wine and wine storage industries are not immune to tough economic times. I read a statistic not long ago that showed the consumption of wine is up (by volume) while revenue is down roughly 25%. Basically that means we are all drinking more wine–that’s a plus. The bad news for the wine industry: the market has moved to less expensive, lower quality wines. The even worse news for the wine storage industry: those wines are consumed and not moved to long term storage.

People still needs wine racks to store their wine.  The average wine collector still wants a quality place to store their wine. But in many cases, the luxury of a custom cellar is no longer attainable.  How can you get a custom-looking wine cellar at a kit price? The answer: Vintner Wine Racking Kits. The kit side of the wine storage has always been plagued by the lack of adaptability.   If a kit is 72 inches high, it’s 72 inches high.   There is no real design, spirit or imagination that accompanies a kit design.

Vintner Wine Racking Kits have solved that problem.   They come in 4 foot and 3 foot high sections to adapt to different ceiling heights. An individual or designer (like myself) can add some wine racking imagination with stackable kits. There are also different base heights, molding options and a center trim molding to create a custom wine cellar feel.  Recently, to help Vintage Cellars customers fit into a specific budget, I have designed a specific wine cellar using Vintner Kits. I’ve been impressed with the results. If your budget does not allow a complete high quality custom design, semi-custom wine racking kits are your next best option. It’s flexible, design-friendly and high quality. Sound like the solution for you? Call me and let’s discuss your new almost-custom wine cellar design.


A Vintage Cellars Custom Wine Cellar in the Wine Spectator

October 20th, 2009 No comments

Vintage Cellars just had a unique custom wine cellar featured in the Wine Spectator. Actually, Jeff Strauss of the Pamplemousse in Solana Beach, Ca was the true feature of the article, but it was a Vintage Cellars design and build.

This was a totally unique custom wine cellar project. There are curved display features, 3 rows of high reveal display, coved shelves, pull out storage, wine glass display and even a mirrored solid archway. The custom handmade wine cabinetry in this cellar really highlights the display of wine.

Check out page 30 in the October 31st issue of the Wine Spectator (“A Chef’s Education) to see the feature on Jeff Strauss’ custom wine cellar and the Vintage Cellars photographs.

Go Green with Recycled Materials

August 14th, 2009 No comments

Vintage Cellars is proud to announce two new ways to move toward sustainability in the building industry.  Yes, we have taken wine racking and gone “green”.  As you know, over the past 20 years Vintage Cellars has been the Southern California leader in high end custom hand made wine racking.  Our quality and reputation are unmatched in the industry.  Now, it’s our turn to lead the wine storage industry into the future.

Recently, Vintage Cellars was presented with a unique opportunity.  In a complete home tear down and rebuild project in Beverly Hills, we took the existing cedar siding on the old home and hand milled new wine racks.  Not a step was skipped in the process.  We worked with the client to design their dream wine cellar, used an existing portion of the old home and built beautiful custom hand made wine racks.  We have the ability in the marketplace to produce a 100% recycled wine rack.

If you read the previous wine blog, you know Vintage Cellar also designs and builds wine cellars with unique wine racks known as the Vintique Collection.  Vintique wine racks are made from recycled wine barrels and fermentation tanks from the Napa Valley.  The wine barrels and tanks are dismantled and re-engineered into recycled wine racks, individual wine bottle storage, diamond bins, case storage, glass racks, archways and anything you can imagine.

As you can see, Vintage Cellars is leading wine cellars towards sustainability and green building.  For more information or to learn more about the release of these environmentally friendly recycled wine racks, please contact us.