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Wine Storage Tourism?

Wine cellar in an old mine in Cricova, Moldova

Image source: www.sejur.com

This morning, I was doing something that you may very well have been doing just seconds ago: Browsing the web for wine-related news. I came across an article (a well-illustrated one, too!) about the underground wine cellars of Moldova.

Now odds are good that you can’t find Moldova on a map (I can’t), and you may never have even heard of this tiny eastern European country. However, Moldova is apparently the 7th largest wine exporter in the world, and the limestone-mines-turned-wine-cellar house hundreds of bottles of wine. These cellars have made the town of Cricova a tourist attraction worthy of being visited by wine enthusiasts in particular, although the beauty of the area attracts a variety of tourists.

This all got me thinking about wine storage tourism. We’re all pretty familiar with the idea of wine tourism–Napa Valley, French wine country–but you don’t hear about wine storage tourism, by which I mean travel aimed at seeing historic wine storage sites. The mine-cellars of Moldova cannot possibly be the only historic wine storage site worthy of tourist traffic.

Have you ever been on a wine-storage tourism jaunt, or included a wine storage site in your itinerary? We’d love to hear about where you went and what you saw!

  1. Cristian
    April 14th, 2011 at 12:41 | #1

    Hi Holly,
    I’m well familiar with Moldovan wines and it’s history. In fact I’m trying to promote some tourist packages for people to go and see these cellars and try the wines. Any ideas?

  2. Vintage Cellars
    April 15th, 2011 at 10:23 | #2

    Not really our area of expertise, but if you have a website that lists your tour packages we would consider linking to it from this post.

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