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3 More Wine Apps for Android

Since our post on 3 Android Apps for Wine Lovers is so popular, and more apps are coming out for Android all the time, we figured we’d showcase a few more!

Wine Dictionary: Even expert collectors occasionally run across a wine descriptor they’ve never seen before.  This wine glossary app isn’t fancy, but it does the job: whether you’re in the store or at home, in mere seconds you can find out what a “Tarrango” is.  (In case you can’t wait for the app to download, it’s a acidic wine low in tannins made by crossing Touriga Nacional and Sultana vines). Bonus tip: Check out our wine storage glossary!

Corkbin: Initially available for iPhone only, this is a clean and simple app for taking notes on wines you like and sharing them with your friends.  Corkbin has a space for your tasting notes and lets you couple the notes with a picture, so you can recognize the label next time you’re at the wine store.  It also allows you to upload your findings to Facebook or Twitter: perfect for winos who love to share the fun.

Hello Vino: Like Corkbin, this app has recently expanded to the Android market.  It’s simply one of the best wine pairing apps out there.  One great thing about Hello Vino’s pairing service is that it lets you search both ways: whether you have a meal in mind that needs a wine, or a wine ready to go that needs the perfect meal, this app can give you great suggestions.  It can also help you out when you’re at the wine store, by searching for ratings and reviews to help you make your decision, or suggest great wines for occasions, gifts, and holidays.

Do you use any of these apps, or another we forgot to mention?  Let us know what wine apps you love for Android!

More wine apps for iPhone will be coming soon, too!

  1. October 21st, 2010 at 21:28 | #1

    Thanks for the write-up, Stephanie.

    We’re excited to announce that our Android app is now available for download! You can search for “Hello Vino” on the Android Market to download the free app, or visit:



    – The Hello Vino Team

  2. July 29th, 2011 at 05:19 | #2

    Hi Stepahnie,

    Just writing to say that Corkbin v2 for Android has been released. Now users can follow friends and see what their friends are uncorking! Simply search for “Corkbin” on the Android Market to download the new version.


    Catherine @ Corkbin

  3. August 5th, 2011 at 15:59 | #3

    Hi Catherine! Thanks for commenting. We’ll check it out! Social sharing is always a fun feature to add to an app.

  4. Arek
    July 21st, 2013 at 13:09 | #4


    Please see the application HomeWine.
    It should be interesting Android app for winemakers.



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