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Local Wine Events

Have you just moved to a new city?  Have you just started to cut your palate on some good wine?  Did you just purchase a 110 bottle wine cabinet and you want to experiment on some new wines?  Get on the internet and start searching for local or regional wine events.  Here in San Diego, there is an incredible event, the San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival.  Each November this wonderful wine event is held on the San Diego Bay and 2008 was my first year in attendance.  Let me sum this up: I already have my tickets for 2009.  The atmosphere was amazing, the food incredible and the wine poured faster then you can taste.  Hundreds of wineries and restaurants lined the park just begging for you to enjoy. 

 During my time around the wine business, I’ve also spent my fair time at local wine stores.  Many middle to high end wine shops will have weekly tasting for customers or club members.  These tasting are generally less then $20 and give you a chance to taste different blends, wine regions or varietals.  This is a great opportunity to create a relationship with a wine merchant and increase your wine tasting range. 

 Don’t miss out on local wine events in your area. Google words like wine festival (city name), local wine events (city name) or wine tasting (city name).  Enjoy the events and the entertainment to follow…

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